How to fix Error Code 8007000E in Windows 7 Update

Recently I had to do a fresh installation of Windows 7 in my laptop. But after the installation, I got an error ‘Windows could not search for new updates‘ with Error Code 8007000E which prevented the Windows update for my system.


So here is how I solved this problem,

Firstly open your Internet Explorer (IE). If it is not available, download and install the latest version of IE and  then restart your system.

Now download the KB3102810 update from Microsoft’s website. Then restart your system. Once your system restarts, install the downloaded update. After the installation is completed, again restart the system.

Now you need to rebuild the SoftwareDistribution folder where the windows updates are stored. This file will be located in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution. Here is how you do it,

Open the Run command window (keyboard shortcut is Windows + R ) and type services.msc & click OK.


Select the windows update from the list of services. Now right click and select the stop option in the menu.


Now rename the SoftwareDistribution folder to SoftwareDistributionOLD.

Note: This will help windows to create a new SoftwareDistribution folder to store the windows updates from scratch.


Again start the windows update service.


That’s it! The error must get resolved by now. Try checking for updates.


65 thoughts on “How to fix Error Code 8007000E in Windows 7 Update

  1. vishnu says:

    Thanks ! this worked for me.

    Is “rebuild the SoftwareDistribution” actually required ?
    for me windows update is now working after installing KB3102810 update.

    Thanks in Advance,


    • g4greetz says:

      If your windows is working fine then no issues. Sometimes it happens that there might be some corrupted files in this folder, that the reason why we rebuild the software distribution folder.


  2. Emin Kulturel says:

    G4GREETZ You are GREAT..

    It worked also for me win 7 32 bit system.
    So many ways i tried no one solved it and wasted so many time!..
    Now, am very happy to get it resolved.. May God bless you man……..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Queena Deboever says:

    Worked, March 6, 2019! I downloaded and installed KB3102810, restarted, stopped WindowsUpdate but couldn’t find SoftwareDistribution on the list. So I checked for updates again anyway and, viola, updates found, downloading now.
    Thank you very, very much!


  4. Tom says:

    Hard drive failed on 3 yr old Win 7 Pro desktop. Replaced drive, reloaded windows, would not install updates. Downloaded KB3102810, installed, rebooted and walla….now installing update 25 of 169. Thanks for the great tip!


    • g4greetz says:

      Thanks for your comment. I need to revamp this blog and donations will be really helpful for the same. As of now this is a free blog hosting so limited capabilities.


  5. Myles Becker says:

    I’m in the middle of a project to wipe and rebuild 30-ish donated systems with Win7, and ran into this issue on the first one (I plan on making an image for the other 29 machines). I have visited several other sites who had a “fix” for this, but nothing has worked, until I came across this article. It worked like a charm, so THANK YOU! Today is 7-14-19.


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